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Brick Cleaning Contractor London

For a full and comprehensive brick cleaning service in London, SMB Restoration Ltd have a wide range of expertise in this field allowing us to provide the highest standards in brick cleaning, consistently achieving unrivalled results.

London Brick Cleaning Experts

Using our extensive experience as a brick cleaning company, we consider all aspects of the building to ensure we carry out our service in accordance with historic brickwork restoration regulations.

With the high volume of traffic and pollution in London as well as natural elements, brickwork can quickly become discoloured and build up layers of dirt and grime.

Cost-Effective Brick Cleaning Service

Our process involves visiting your site to evaluate the best methods for brick cleaning to ensure no damage is caused to the building, alter or change the brick face. This ensures our techniques only remove the dirt and provide you with a cost-effective and efficient way of improving the appearance of your building.

SMB Restoration Ltd

View our brick cleaning applications below or for further information, please contact our team today who will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

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The Specialist Brick Cleaning Service in London

Throughout our time as a brick cleaning company, we have worked with a range of period homes including Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties as well as historical and listed buildings throughout London. This gives us an ideal position to provide expert advice and service for brick cleaning in London.

Brick Restoration London

To ensure we maintain and meet the high standards expected of us, all of the work is carried out by our trained and experienced brick cleaning team. Our level of professionalism and eye for detail means that many of our customers come back to us knowing the results we are able to achieve all at extremely competitive rates.

Throughout our years as in brick cleaning and masonry restoration, we have developed a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and professional companies within this field with a number of client testimonies to support this.

How Do You Clean The Brick of a Building?

We have a number of brick cleaning methods that we are able to utilise to improve the aesthetics of your building depending on the type and age of the brick. Ranging from simple pressure washing to TORC cleaning, our brick cleaning process is effective and great value for money.

Why Clean The Brick Work of Your Building?

Buildings, especially in London become dirty very quickly and this detracts from the appearance of your building. Brick cleaning is a safe and efficient way of improving the look of your building and enhance peoples first impressions.

Who Should Clean Your Brickwork?

There are many things to consider when undertaking a brick cleaning job including the age of the brickwork as well as the type of material to ensure no damage is caused and therefore create more expenditure when repairs are required. An experienced and knowledgeable brick cleaning service such as ours considers all of these elements to ensure the end result meets our clients specific requirements.

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