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Specialist War Memorial Restoration

SMB Restoration are proud to be able to offer our services in the maintenance cleaning of our war memorials from small memorials to major memorials within our towns and cities, that bestow on them the respect they deserve.

Utilising time-honed masonry expertise and cutting edge super-heated and abrasion cleaning technology we take every care to ensure each war memorial is revived to as close to its original colour and form as possible without ever cleaning to the point of damage to the memorial itself.

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War Memorial Refurbishment

War memorials stand as a lasting tribute to the bravery, nobility and sacrifice that many brave individuals made. Many of these memorials and shrines have been erected for over a century and have been tarnished by rainwater, organic growth, dirt, grime and unfortunately in some cases graffiti.

Sensitive removal of this disfiguring and potentially damaging build-up of dirt is an essential factor in maintaining war memorials. Cleaning should only be carried out by professionals like us as using incorrect or excessive methods can cause long term damage.

Our expertise, attention to detail and care allows us to safely and effectively clean and restore prestigious war memorials to their former glory. We can restore bright stone colours, remove organic growth and allow inscriptions to be read again.

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War memorial refurbishment

War Memorial Conservation

Not only does dirt and grime discolour and mask a memorial but the buildup on the surface of stonework can actually cause damage if this is left for too long. War memorial restoration should only be carried out by expert contractors who understand the nuance and precision required by the process. Overzealous cleaning from too much pressure, harsh chemicals or excessive abrasion can result in irreparable damage to memorials that have stood as a testament to valour for decades or even centuries. Over-cleaning or cleaning incorrectly can damage fragile surfaces, wear away inscriptions and reduce the lifespan of a memorial significantly.

As specialist monument cleaners, we excel in the delicate art of cleaning and preserving historic stonework and memorials so they can provide a proper testament for decades more. We combine techniques learned from a rich heritage of stonemasonry with cutting edge cleaning technology that allows us to efficiently but sympathetically clean, restore and conserve war memorials.

We're able to sympathetically clean away the following materials without damaging the surfaces beneath:

  • Biological growth such as moss, algae or lichen
  • Pollution build-up from vehicles or factories
  • Staining from rainwater
  • General dirt, grease and grime
  • Paint and graffiti
  • Chemical build up such as copper sulphate run-off from bronze plaques

War Memorial Restoration

We can advise and facilitate the restoration of stone and many other types of war memorials. Here at SMB Restoration, no project is too large: we can work restoring small memorials or much larger ones utilising access platforms and cutting edge cleaning systems.

War Memorial Restoration in London

We provide war memorial cleaning, restoration and maintenance work in and around the central London area. There is a good chance you've seen our workmanship on many of the major memorials, monuments and shrines in the London area.

We think the before and after photos above speak for themselves but after we've restored war memorials they are brighter, sharper and cleaner without affecting the original details of the monuments.

It is an enormous honour for us to care for and maintain prestigious and historically significant monuments in the capital and across the rest of the UK.

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War memorial restoration

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