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The removal of paint from masonry can be a most complex of operations, but carried out in our controllable manner, predominantly by the use of chemicals due to the often delicate nature of the substrate, we are able to encapsulate the removed paint within the chemical poultice ready for responsible disposal, ideal if there is lead content within the coatings. As a matter of course we control and contain the water run-off into tanks for Ph testing prior to discharge.

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Here at SMB Restoration, we specialise in paint removal from surfaces including stone, brick, concrete, metal, plastic, wood and glass. We are a professional and experienced paint removal company who has developed a reputation as one of the most reliable and cost-effective paint removal services in the industry.

We can provide a free site survey to allow us to give you an appropriate estimate on cost and time in order to complete the paint removal service. We have more than 20-years experience in the industry consistently meeting the demands of our customers with a number of client testimonies to support this.

Completed To The Highest Standards

We work with facilities management throughout London and further afield as well as historical buildings, monuments and structures with all of our work completed to the highest standards.

Why Use a Professional Paint Removal Service?

A professional paint removal service can quickly and efficiently expose the original surface of a brick wall or provide you with a fresh surface to re-apply paint on by removing old paint.

Lead Paint Specialists

Your building may be slightly older and have lead paint which needs to be removed. A paint removal service such as ours means that you don't have to worry about any safety issues as we will use our knowledge and expertise to remove lead paint from the environment.

Setting The Highest Standards

Our long track record in the heritage and conservation sector is a testament to our ability to carry out our works to the highest standard, which is carried through to our works in the commercial and construction sector.

Our team are highly experienced and trained in all aspects of paint removal and masonry maintenance and restoration. We are able to remove paint from almost any surface and always choose the safest and most effective methods to do so.

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