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SMB can carry out internal and external stone cleaning works using the multiple disciplines specified that are required to suit the stone type, location, type of soiling present and the desired results. We have cleaned numerous churches and some of the most iconic churches namely, St Paul’s Cathedral, Ely Cathedral, St Albans Cathedral, St Brides Church, Bow Church and Brompton Oratory.

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Church and Cathedral Stone Restoration

SMB Restoration LTD is specialised in the cleaning and restoration of stonework and masonry, particularly historic or architecturally significant structures such as churches and cathedrals.
In our history as a company, we have been honoured to offer our cleaning services to many prestigious and historical religious buildings, including St Paul's Cathedral in London.

Restoring a building that is over 300 years old to its original beauty is an incredible privilege but also carries a huge responsibility, something we take extremely seriously at SMB Restoration LTD. We utilise cutting edge technologies to carry out cleaning services efficiently but also defer to time-honoured stone masonry expertise.

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Church and Cathedral Stone Restoration

Church Stone Cleaning Service

Our specialist stone care team will first carry out an assessment to determine the best cleaning practises to use for a church or cathedral's type and age of stone, brickwork or masonry. Usually: nebulous spraying technologies will be used to soften up the dirt and other soiling before carefully time, pressure and temperature controlled cleaning systems such as Therma Tech and Vortech will be employed to sensitively remove built-up dirt, grime, organic matter and sulphation without causing distress to the stone substrate below.

Our team are qualified and trained to utilise a range of access platforms to reach difficult to access areas - there is no project that is too large for us to carry out successfully however majestic the church or cathedral is. We can also deploy water control methods to allow us to work above busy streets without affecting pedestrian traffic below.

We're able to sympathetically clean away the following materials without damaging the surfaces beneath:

  • Biological growth such as moss, algae or lichen
  • Pollution build-up from vehicles or factories
  • Staining from rainwater
  • General dirt, grease and grime
  • Paint and graffiti
  • Chemical build up such as copper sulphate run-off from bronze plaques

Catherdral Stone Cleaning

Our Techniques

Vortech is a swirling vortex abrasion system that is specifically designed to remove dirt and other coatings and is gentle enough for use on historic stonework often found on churches.

ThermaTech is a superheated water cleaning technology that produces a liquid spray of adjustable temperature up to 150°C. It is perfect for melting and removing many types of paint, surface treatments, chewing gum and other coatings; often without the use of chemicals.
It may seem risky to use superheated water on delicate historic stonework but actually, the heat is beneficial. Cold water can cause damage to the stone as it seeps into the pores and then expands when it freezes, causing the stone to crack. Superheated water, on the other hand, evaporates before it can permeate the stone.

Air pressure, abrasive concentration and water pressure are all adjusted by our expert team dynamically as they work so that various degrees of soiling can be removed without affecting the stone below.

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Catherdral Stone Cleaning

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