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Stone Cleaning Specialists

SMB Restoration are exemplary in providing a brick and stone cleaning service. Our extensive knowledge and experience covers all aspects of the disciplines required for the successful sympathetic cleaning of facades, commercial buildings, historic properties, churches and monuments. Removing biological, environmental and atmospheric soiling, paint, graffiti and coatings with a multiple disciplined approach to achieve the best results.

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Stone Cleaning Experts

SMB Restoration Ltd are experts in the cleaning and restoration of all natural and man-made stone. We will carry out an initial site survey and provide recommendations for the initial job as well as plans for ongoing maintenance to preserve the appearance of your building.

We are members of the Stone Federation GB, which is aimed at setting the highest standards and promoting the very best practices, processes and professionalism in the stone industry.

Masonry Cleaning

We are highly experienced in stone cleaning and only utilise methods that provide the most effective solution to remove dirt, grime, algae, moss and air pollution. Our stone cleaning processes involve a mix of either low air pressure, a little water and a safe inert fine aggregate such as calcium carbonate. We also use a material called Clean Film; this is a latex cleaning paste that is applied on to stone, which is then peeled off after 24-48 hours, removing dirt and grime in the process. We will, however, tailor all of our methods depending on your specific requirements.

Stone Cleaning Service

Doff Steam Cleaning

Doff Steam Cleaning System

Doff steam cleaning, a super heated steam cleaning system that reaches temperatures of up to 150˚C and removes all substrate without leaving any damage to the surface that is being cleaned.

Jos/Torc Cleaning

Jos/Torc Cleaning System

Jos/Torc cleaning, a gentle swirl abrasive system that effectively removes substrate from any surface without causing any damage to the masonry.

Thermatech Cleaning System

Thermatech Cleaning System

Thermatech cleaning system, a super heated steam cleaning system that uses creates steam to temperatures up to 150˚C to to remove dirt, grime and pollution from the brick work.

Vortech Cleaning System

Vortech Cleaning System

The Vortech cleaning system is a gentle swirl abrasive system. Combined with low pressure and a carefully selected abrasive, the Vortech can effectively cleans substrate from the desired surface.

Effective Stone Cleaning

It is highly important to ensure that any stone cleaning and restoration tasked is carried out by a professional to ensure that dirt and grime are effectively removed and the underlying surface is not damaged.

We have more than two decades in the industry and have worked on historical listed buildings, monuments and heritage projects throughout London and further afield.

We also work with facilities managers across London to help maintain the appearance of their building. To ensure the longevity and health of your stone building it is essential to have proper and efficient maintenance carried out. Stone can quickly become dirty due to high pollution which leaves dirt and grime as well as wear and tear over time.

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Stone Cleaning Specialists