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Using the innovative process of cryogenic cleaning using dry ice pellets we are able to delicately remove smoke damage from fires, the build-up of deposits from machinery to the most tenacious heavy duty coatings such as paint, epoxy non-slip coatings and bitumen. With the avoidance of using abrasives or chemicals the CO2 disperses leaving only the removed coating to clear up. Primarily it’s use is of an industrial nature but the system can be utilised in the building cleaning sector when conditions allow.

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Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice blasting is cleaning technique that uses dry ice - the solid form of carbon dioxide - is accelerated in a pressurised air stream that can be on a number of surfaces and materials.

Dry ice blasting is recognised as an environmentally friendly method of cleaning. Dry ice cleaning uses reclaimed carbon dioxide that is produced from other industries and does not add any additional greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

In order to clean and remove hardened dirt and grime, dry ice blasting propels dry ice pellets at extremely high speeds onto the target surface.

Dry Ice Specialists

We have extensive experience in the cleaning and restoration field specialising in applications such as war memorials, churches and listed buildings as well as residential and commercial properties.

We will utilise our knowledge to provide expert advice and recommend the best practices for the task at hand.

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We are based in Bedfordshire and we provide our service to businesses throughout the area as well as further afield and in London.

For further information, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today who will be happy to assist with your enquiry.