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SMB Restoration provides a gentle effective graffiti removal service, which is often carried out during weekends to avoid disruption to our client’s operations and inconvenience to the public. Also, our graffiti removal system is completely self-contained with its own power and water supply, therefore avoiding the need for properties to be accessed out of hours. We can also apply a permanent or sacrificial anti-graffiti coating if required.

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Specialist Stone Restoration for Listed Buildings

Professional Graffiti Removal in London

SMB Restoration is a specialist in the field of brick and stone cleaning in London and the surrounding areas. We are able to provide a graffiti cleaning service utilising mobile steam cleaning equipment that requires no external power or water supply, allowing us to clean off external graffiti outside of your business opening hours to minimise disruption completely.

Our staff are extensively trained to carefully remove graffiti utilising specialist chemicals and techniques most suited to the type of graffiti and underlying buildings material.

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Graffiti Removal Business

Graffiti Removal Service

If your business or building has been affected by graffiti - spray paint, markers, chalk or adhesive labels; SMB Restoration can help. We guarantee a complete but gentle removal of graffiti from buildings and historic architecture, removing unsightly defacement without harming, marking or shadowing any delicate surfaces beneath.

We can also apply an anti-graffiti coating as a preventative measure against future attacks to make repeat removal far easier.

We've removed unsightly graffiti from universities, churches, cathedrals, museums, schools, factories, warehouses, government and council buildings, staircases, war memorials and commercial and retail buildings, restoring them back to their original condition.

Why Use a Graffiti Removal Company?

If you've been the victim of a large amount of difficult to remove graffiti you may be weighing up the cost of removal versus just leaving it be. Whilst removing graffiti is not always an easy task the negative affect it can have on your business can often far surpass the cost of having it dealt with.

Not only does graffiti give a negative first impression to people visiting your building, but it also decreases the value of your property. Even if the graffiti itself isn't offensive or hateful it acts as a sign of neglect and can even attract and encourage not only more vandalism in the area but also other antisocial and criminal acts.

Graffiti can be difficult to remove, however, particularly when it is on the surface of a historic structure. In the case of delicate or classical buildings, untrained attempts to remove the graffiti can actually cause more permanent damage than the graffiti itself. At SMB Restoration we utilise a range of different approaches and methods of removing vandalism depending on the type of graffiti and material the building substrate is made from.

Professional Graffiti Removal in London

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