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The make of brick and type of soiling will determine the most appropriate method to remove the soiling whilst avoiding damage to the substrate. We will adopt the best method to achieve results using various systems based on water, steam, chemicals or swirl abrasive cleaning. The residue from the cleaning operations will be contained and disposed of in the appropriate manner.

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Over time, bricks lose their visual appeal. This could be due to staining from oil, graffiti, paint or bird excrement etc, or in many cases, it could be down to weed, algae or moss growth.
Whatever the reason for your brickwork’s unattractive appearance, it’s usually best to speak to a qualified brick cleaning expert, to find out the various cleaning options available.
SMB Restoration is an experienced brick cleaning company, offering a professional brick cleaning service to the commercial and residential sector, including the specialised cleaning of historic buildings and monuments.

High-Quality Brick Cleaning Service

To ensure your brickwork is clear of manmade and natural substances that not only ruin the appearance, but also have the potential to cause structural deterioration, at SMB Restoration we utilise some of the trades most effective brick cleaning systems.

Our systems include:



DOFF is a high-temperature (150°), low pressure steam cleaning system, designed to deep clean brickwork without causing any further damage or shock to the underlying bricks or mortar.



The VorTech system is a swirling, abrasive cleaning system, designed to remove organic matter, such as algae and moss, and chemical substances like oil and paint from intricate and ornate brickwork.



The JOS TORC system is a gentle, yet highly-effective brick cleaning system that uses a swirling vortex consisting of low volumes of water and an abrasive granular material, ideal for intricate brickwork and larger areas.

Brick Cleaning Company

We have provided our brick cleaning service to domestic and commercial clients throughout London and the surrounding areas for more than two decades. Throughout this time we have developed a reputation as one of the friendliest and most professional brick cleaning companies in London and the surrounding areas.

As a professional and experienced brick cleaning company, at SMB Restoration we have an in-depth knowledge of all types of brickwork, the common materials that ruin the appearance, and how best to remove those materials without damaging the individual bricks.

The types of material we often clean from bricks includes:


Although a vital element to our ecosystem, moss can have a devastating effect if left on brickwork, particularly older and more fragile brickwork. The damage occurs due to the ability of moss to hold water, which over time will saturate the bricks causing them to soften and deteriorate.

To clean moss and other organic matter from brickwork, we’ll use technology such as DOFF, which has the ability to not only remove the visible moss, but to also remove deeply hidden spores that will eventually grow into more moss or similar organic material.


Spray painted graffiti and other types of paint are some of the most difficult materials to remove from brickwork. The reason for this is down to bricks being porous and absorbing the paint deep beneath the surface.

When removing graffiti, depending on the type of bricks, we’ll either use our portable steam cleaning system to remove the paint from grooves and hairline cracks, or we’ll use a safe chemical removal process carried out by our fully-trained staff.

Bird droppings

Bird droppings cause a number of issues for brickwork. Apart from looking unsightly and being a health hazard, the uric acid contained within the droppings penetrates the bricks surface causing it to stain.

To remove bird droppings, at SMB Restoration, we’ll use various steam cleaning systems, such as DOFF or JOS TORC, to ensure the surface of the bricks are cleaned as well as flushing out the traces of uric acid beneath the surface.

Environmentally Friendly

As a responsible brick cleaning company, with over 20 years’ experience in brick cleaning and the restoration of historic buildings, at SMB Restoration, we have a deep understanding of the environment and the need to protect it for future generations.

We use only environmentally friendly brick cleaning methods to ensure not only do we use safe methods on your building but to also protect the surrounding areas. Because of our wish to conserve the environment, all the brick cleaning processes we use are free from fumes and harmful chemicals, and all material washed or removed from brickwork is contained and disposed of using the recommended, environmentally friendly methods.

Our team can carry out an initial site visit to allow us to determine the type and level of dirt and grime and allow us to choose the safest and most efficient methods to clean your bricks.

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