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The make of brick and type of soiling will determine the most appropriate method to remove the soiling whilst avoiding damage to the substrate. We will adopt the best method to achieve results using various systems based on water, steam, chemicals or swirl abrasive cleaning. The residue from the cleaning operations will be contained and disposed of in the appropriate manner.

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Bricks can become stained by oil, paint, graffiti and can also start to grow weeds and other biological material over time. This can result in the appearance of your business not looking as inviting as it possibly could be.

High-Quality Brick Cleaning Service

Brick cleaning can be a slow and tedious task without the use of correct equipment. Our brick cleaning service is efficient and delivers on results.

We utilise DOFF Technology which is a steam based cleaning machine which reaches temperatures of up to 150 degrees and is excellent at removing dirt, grime and paint from your brick work. Even with the pressure and high temperature steam no damage is caused to the brickwork.

Brick Cleaning Company

We have provided our brick cleaning service to domestic and commercial clients throughout London and the surrounding areas for more than two decades. Throughout this time we have developed a reputation as one of the friendliest and most professional brick cleaning companies in London and the surrounding areas.

Environmentally Friendly

We use only environmentally friendly brick cleaning methods to ensure not only do we use safe methods on your building but to also protect the surrounding areas.

Our team can carry out an initial site visit to allow us to determine the type and level of dirt and grime and allow us to choose the safest and most efficient methods to clean your bricks.

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