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Specialist Commercial Building Cleaning

Our cleaning services to the commercial sector including regular maintenance cleaning frequently require a combination of Nebulous, steam and occasionally swirl abrasive techniques, to remove the build-up of pollutants to restore the building to it’s original cleaned condition. Followed by regular planned maintenance this will retain the buildings cleaned façade.

Commercial Stone Cleaning

Natural stone in a building or business provides prestige and elegance but requires maintenance every so often to keep it looking it's absolute best. Our expert team can remove the build up or dirt, staining and organic matter and restore the natural vibrancy of natural stone architecture.

Cleaning natural stone requires experience as overzealous scrubbing or using harsh chemicals can do more damage than good. The type and age of stone used on your building will determine the exact processes and settings we utilise when performing the cleaning.

We utilise many different safe stone cleaning methods to achieve the highest levels of results with the lowest possible risk to the natural stone. Some of the modern cleaning systems in our arsenal include DOFF, TORC, IceTech, ThermaTech, Vortech and Cleanfilm. We always select the optimal technology for the job, for example: DOFF steam cleaners are extremely popular with English Heritage and the National Trust as zero chemicals are used in the process.

We're able to sympathetically clean away the following materials without damaging the surfaces beneath:

  • Biological growth such as moss, algae or lichen
  • Pollution build-up from vehicles or factories
  • Staining from rainwater
  • General dirt, grease and grime
  • Paint and graffiti
  • Chemical build up such as copper sulphate run-off from bronze plaques

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Commercial Stone Restoration

When hiring a stone cleaning company such as SMB Restoration, we will initially inspect the site where the cleaning is to be undertaken. This will allow us to understand the type of stone and the variety and extent of the staining.

From natural stone and masonry, we can remove dirt and grime, build-up of pollution or biological matter, staining from rainwater, chemical build-up (such as copper sulphate run-off from bronze plaques) and paint and graffiti.

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Commercial Stone Cleaning

Commercial Masonry Cleaning

Masonry and brickwork can also be gradually stained by oil, weeds, moss, rainwater and pollution or defaced with graffiti. This can result in your business not looking as inviting or professional to customers. A building with clean, fresh brickwork adds extra value to a property.

We can apply our expert cleaning experience and technology to jet-wash brick walls and paths. The age and composition of the brick and the type of soiling, just like stone, determines the type of cleaning processes we will utilise.

Without specialist equipment or experience cleaning brickwork can be a slow and tedious task and can even cause damage to the bricks. We use a huge variety of cutting-edge technologies to provide our sensitive brick cleaning services, including super-heated water, steam, specialist chemicals and swirl abrasion. Due to the high variance in types of bricks used in commercial premises, we take a great deal of care when selecting the type of equipment and specific pressure and temperature settings we use when cleaning your building. The residue from our cleaning operations will be contained and disposed of responsibly by us on your behalf.

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