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The Stone & Brick Cleaning Specialist

Here at SMB Restoration Ltd, we can provide a specialist cleaning service in all aspects of internal and external brick cleaning, stone cleaning, paint removal and façade cleaning.

We have more than two generations worth of experience in the industry provide a wide range of services to domestic, commercial and heritage sites.

Professional & Reliable

Throughout our time as a stone and masonry restoration company we have built a strong reputation providing a professional and reliable service with every job completed to the very highest standards.

The Highest Standards

With our extended experience in the industry we are able to adapt our processes to every job - allowing us to use the most effective methods without causing any damage to the underlying surface.

The processes we use include superheated steam cleaning systems such as Doff and Thermatech and swirl abrasive systems such as Torc and Vortech.

    Our Applications

  • War Memorials
  • Staircases
  • Monuments and Structures
  • Historic Buildings
  • Churches and Cathedrals
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Retail

Doff Steam Cleaning

Doff Steam Cleaning System

The Doff steam cleaning system can reach temperatures of up to 150˚C and utilises a pressure pump unit to clean dirt and grime from bricks and stone.

Jos/Torc Cleaning

Jos/Torc Cleaning System

The Jos/Torc cleaning uses an abrasive swirl that can efficiently remove the substrate from any surface without causing any damage to the masonry.

Thermatech Cleaning System

Thermatech Cleaning System

The Thermatech cleaning system is an environmentally friendly cleaning process that can also reach temperatures of up to 150˚C to to remove dirt, grime and pollution from the brick work.

Vortech Cleaning System

Vortech Cleaning System

The Vortech cleaning system uses a gentle swirl abrasive system. The swirl abrasive system when combined with low pressure and a carefully selected abrasive gently cleans material from stone.

The Stone & Brick Cleaning Specialist

We work with facilities managers across London to help maintain the appearance of their building. To ensure the longevity and health of your stone and brick building it is essential to have proper and efficient maintenance carried out. Stone and brick can quickly become dirty due to high pollution which leaves dirt and grime as well as wear and tear over time.

Our professional cleaning methods are proven and we always work to meet the high expectations of our customers in London and the surrounding areas.

Our Doff Cleaning in London service ensures the appearance of your building is maintained and free from dirt and grime.

Extensive Industry Experience

Whether you're looking for Doff cleaning, Jos Torc Cleaning, Thermatech Cleaning or Vortech cleaning. Our team has extensive industry experience to deliver excellent results.

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