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Doff Cleaning London

London Doff Cleaning System Specialists

We are a stone and façade cleaning company utilising the doff steam cleaning system in London. Working within the domestic and commercial sectors we can ensure that any internal or external stone or brick cleaning is completed to the highest standards.

For doff steam cleaning in London, choose SMB Restoration Ltd, we have more than two decades in the industry specialising in a number of services such as stone cleaning, façade cleaning and brick cleaning.

Throughout our time in the industry we have developed a reputation as one of the most professional stone cleaning companies, who take pride in delivering an unrivalled customer service and always strive to achieve the desired results at every job.

Doff Steam Cleaning in London

Using super heated steam, the Doff cleaning system is able to charge steam to temperatures of up to 150°C with no harsh pressure. The Doff steam cleaner removes substrate easily - the intense heat over the water kills any organic matter which in turn increases the time in between cleaning all without damaging the underlying surface. This allows us to employ the doff steam cleaning system for a huge number of jobs in London including heritage sites. Prior to the job at hand we will carry out a thorough assessment to ensure we use the correct process to achieve the best results.

The Doff Steam Cleaning Experts

Stone buildings can quickly get covered in dust, grime, graffiti, moss and algae especially in busy areas such as London. Ensuring the exterior of you building is clean and presentable is as important in making a good first impression as maintaining the appearance of the interior of your premises, especially for businesses.

Doff Steam Cleaning in London

SMB Restoration Ltd - Stone Cleaning & Façade Restoration

We are a specialist cleaning and restoration company with more than 20-years experience in the industry. We work with domestic and commercial clients with most of our client base located within London and the surrounding areas.

We have extensive knowledge in all aspects of stone and façade restoration adapting our unique service to every job to allow us to provide the best possible service and meet the high demands of our customers and their specific requirements.

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London Doff Cleaning System Specialists

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What is Doff Cleaning?

The DOFF cleaning system is a chemical-free, steam cleaning system designed to remove dirt and grime, including chewing gum, oil, mud, soot, paint, and bird mess etc., as well as bacterial and other biological growth, such as mould, algae, fungi and moss, from brickwork, stonework and other substrates.

The DOFF system works by super-heating water to up to 150°, creating a vapour which can be temperature and pressure controlled, allowing our operatives to clean fragile stonework, brickwork or other substrates on your London building, without the risk of saturation, surface damage, or structural damage.

DOFF Cleaning, London

At SMB Restoration, we use the DOFF steam cleaning system for a number of stone and brick cleaning projects all over London and the surrounding counties. DOFF cleaning is especially helpful on older buildings, as it’s the only deep cleaning system approved by English Heritage for the intense cleaning of listed and period stone or brick buildings.

DOFF is a Low Water Alternative

One of the other great benefits to the DOFF cleaning system, especially on stone and brickwork, is that it requires very little water to function. This helps in the cleaning process of your London building in two key ways, including:

Low saturation: Both stone and brick are naturally porous, therefore any water-based or steam-based cleaning method will cause damp, especially if used for a prolonged period. Over time this damp can encourage the growth of algae, moss or mould, and in cold spells turn to ice, which can promote cracking of the substrate.

By using the DOFF cleaning system however, the super-heated vapour created is almost dry, with most of it vanishing on contact, and any residue being easy to wipe away.

Low mess: Another side-effect of stone or brick cleaning with water or steam can be overspray or run-off. But, with DOFFs low water, super-heated vapour system, over-spray or run-off is substantially minimised, helping to protect neighbouring buildings, passers-by, and the ground below.

DOFF for the Removal of Biological Matter

One of the main problems buildings in London and elsewhere have, is the build-up of biological growth. Biological growth, can in many cases cause serious issues on stone and brickwork, including opening up joints and dislodging stones, or causing blockages in guttering and gullies, and preventing moisture from running off.

The superheated power of DOFF is the ideal way to remove most biological matter, including moss, algae and mould, as it provides a deep down clean that removes the remaining spores to prevent the matter re-establishing.

DOFF for Graffiti Removal

Graffiti, as well as looking unsightly, can also give off a negative impression of a property, and in some cases mean the difference between a customer entering your premises or not.

As a professional stone cleaning service, at SMB Restoration, we’re often hired to clean graffiti off the façade of many different types of buildings, including many retail premises.

Using the DOFF steam cleaning system, our skilled stone cleaning operatives will quickly remove any graffiti, from small patches to larger patches, whilst at the same time preserving any fragile brick or stone work.