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Your building will suffer from the build up of algae and traffic fumes which will cause the exterior of your building to become discoloured. Here at SMB Restoration, we have more than two decades of experience in façade cleaning in London including North London, South London, West London and East London. Throughout this time we have grown a reputation as one of the most professional and efficient façade cleaning contractors in London.

London Façade Cleaning Experts

Our effective means of façade cleaning ensures your building looks as good as new once a job is complete. Following our free site survey, we will take into account the age of the building to ensure no damage is caused during the cleaning process. We only use safe and effective methods to clean and protect the masonry and any other substrates.

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The façade of buildings in London tend to build up dirt quickly due to how busy the area tends to be and the high levels of pollution. We work with many facilities managers in London to carry out regularly clean the façade of their building in London.

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View our façade cleaning applications below or for further information, please contact our team today who will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

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The Specialist Façade Cleaning Service in London

We provide a full and comprehensive façade cleaning service to business and building managers in London. We are highly experienced in working with historical building, structures and monuments allowing us to bring the masonry work back to life.

Façade Restoration London

Our facade cleaning process ensures downtime is kept to a minimum if any at all allowing you to run your business and day-to-day operations as normal. We use environmentally conscious methods of cleaning and can source access equipment where and when required.

Throughout our years as a facade restoration and cleaning company, we have developed a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and professional companies within this field with a number of client testimonies to support this.

How Do You Clean The Façade of a Building?

We have a number of facade cleaning solutions that we can use to restore your buildings appearance. Some of our methods include utilising the innovative DOFF and TORC technology which is safe to use on stone, glass and glazed tiles and cleans effectively and efficiently.

Why Clean The Façade of Your Building?

Ensuring the facade of your building or structure is free from dirt and grime is imperative to ensuring that material of the building remains healthy and helps to prolong the material of the building, therefore reducing restoration costs.

Who Should Clean The of a Façade Building?

To ensure that no further damage is caused it is ideal to use a professional who is experienced in recognising the type of dirt and therefore the best method of cleaning. We have many years of experience in the industry and provide a quality and efficient facade cleaning service.

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