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Graffiti can be an eyesore and often detract from the appearance of your building. It can often be very difficult to remove using over the counter products and requires a lot of time and effort without achieving the desired results.

London Graffiti Removal Experts

SMB Restoration Ltd provide a complete graffiti removal service in London. Our graffiti removal process is fast and effective to ensure your building looks pristine and aesthetically pleasing.

Our graffiti removal methods completely remove any trace of the graffiti on your building without damaging the underlying brick or stone surface.

Professional Graffiti Removal Service

We are highly experienced with years of extensive training behind us. This allows us to provide an efficient service that always delivers on results. We have been removing graffiti since being established over two decades ago. Throughout this time we have built a reputation as being one of the most professional and reliable graffiti removal services in London.

SMB Restoration Ltd

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The Specialist Graffiti Service in London

We work with both commercial and domestic sectors for graffiti removal and provide a fast response time and extremely competitive rates. We operate around the clock to ensure we can meet your convenience and specific needs.

Our extensive experience over two generations gives us the in-depth knowledge of all aspects of stone cleaning and allows us to adapt to each unique project and offer the most suitable and sympathetic methods to achieve the desired results.

London Graffiti Removal

We provide a safe and environmentally friendly service and when required we are experienced in coordinating road closures and cordons.

How Do You Remove Graffiti from a Building?

There are a number of graffiti removal methods including solvent and water-based cleaners that allow us to achieve the desired result and meet the demands of our customers.

Why Clean Remove Graffiti from your Building?

Graffiti tagging can be unsightly and stop you from conveying the professional outlook that you business desires. It can also show signs of neglect and that a property isn't looked after. This in turn can attract some anti-social and criminal behaviour in and around the property.

Who Should Remove Graffiti From Your Building?

Anyone can remove graffiti from a building. However over the counter products often don't always achieve the best results and as well requires a lot of time and effort. Someone who is not experienced at graffiti removal may not be aware that the temperature of the surface can determine the method of removing the graffiti. This is why many businesses and local councils use a professional graffiti removal service like ours knowing that we consistently get the best results using the most efficient and safest graffiti removal methods.

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