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Paint Removal Service London

SMB Restoration provides only the very highest quality and cost-effective paint removal service in London. Using our years of experience in paint removal we are able to remove all coatings from hard and soft surfaces including brick, stone, metal, plastics, concrete wood and glass.

London Paint Removal Experts

Our team are highly trained and are highly experienced in all aspects of paint removal. We will utilise our extended experience in the industry to assess the best method to remove the paint depending on the age and condition of the surface beneath the paint as well as the age of the paint that we have been instructed to remove.

Paint Removal Company London

Most of our clientele want to remove paint from their building because they want to expose the surface beneath the paint or in order to paint a new layer over the top of the fresh surface. Some of our customers also find that they have the need to remove dangerous lead paint and need a service which is able to follow the correct health and safety guidelines without the associated risks to them.

After our paint removal service is complete, you will most often be required to protect the exposed surface. Without providing protection the exposed surface will be open to the elements and could cause major damage to your building and therefore added and unwanted expenses. The protective coating that we provide ensures protection from rain, adverse temperature changes as well as moss and lichen.

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View our the various applications below where we have been required to carry out our paint removal service or for further information, please contact our team today who will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

Our Applications

The Specialist Paint Removal Service in London

SMB Restoration has been carrying out paint removal service for commercial and domestic clients in London for more than two decades. Throughout this time we have developed a reputation as one of the most professional paint removal services in London, with a huge number of client testimonies to support this.

Stone Restoration London

As well as businesses and domestic applications, we are often asked to work within the heritage and conversation sector to effectively removing paint from historical buildings and structures.

We are considerate of the building we are working on as well as the environment around us and as a matter of course we control and contain the water run-off into tanks for Ph testing prior to discharge.

How Do You Remove Paint?

There a number of methods to remove paint from a specific surface and our process allows for complete removal of multiple layers of paint. Depending on the surface, we may use a high-pressure steam cleaner which strips paint from various surfaces.

Why Remove Paint From A Building?

Generally, the types of jobs we are required to work on are for clientele who want to remove paint from an existing surface so they can apply a new layer of paint on a fresh surface or quite often it is because they have dangerous levels of lead paint which need to be removed effectively and quickly.

Who Should Complete A Paint Removal Task?

There are a number of DIY applications which can be used but often they don't get the desired results or are time-consuming and require hard work. We have all of the equipment ready to use and with our experience in the industry can remove the hassle for you and finish the job to the high standards expected of us.

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