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With over 20 years experience, SMB Restoration provides bespoke cleaning, maintenance and restoration solutions across a number of industries.

Superheated steam cleaning is a very effective method for removing algae, moss and other unattractive stains or graffiti. As superheated steam cuts down on the amount of labour needed it allows us to offer extremely competitive pricing and an effective solution for our clients.

Super Heated Steam Cleaning Services

We offer several methods of super-heated steam cleaning for stone and brickwork restoration.

Superheated steam is a highly effective method for cleaning many different types of stone as well as masonry and brickwork. Paint, bird droppings, graffiti, pollutants, grease, algae and moss can all be successfully removed using the technology.

Due to the low pressure of the superheated steam, it does not damage the surface of the material it is cleaning. The heat from the cleaning process also ensures that the surface dries quickly without trapping any moisture.

Doff Steam Cleaning

Doff Steam Cleaning

The Doff steam cleaning system is a superheated cleaning system that utilises temperatures of up to 150˚C. It uses a standard water supply through a pressure pump unit to easily power through the substrate leaving your building looking as good as new.

Thermatech Cleaning System

Thermatech Cleaning System

The Thermatech cleaning system is another superheated steam cleaning system that can be used on stone restoration and paint removal tasks. Like the Doff cleaning system, the Thermatech cleaning system uses temperatures of up to 150˚C. It is environmentally using recyclable materials to remove dirt, grime and pollution from the stonework.

Abrasive Swirl Cleaning Services

As well as heated steam we also provide other methods of professional high-end and sympathetic stone cleaning. Carefully selected abrasive and a small amount of water is used to produce a low-pressure swirling cleaning current that can be adjusted for sensitivity. This method is designed for the removal of soilings and coatings.

A number of gauges allow for high levels of monitoring during operation - providing trained operators with a fine degree of control over the pressure, abrasive concentration and amount of water being used.

Jos/Torc Cleaning

Jos/Torc Cleaning

The Jos/Torc cleaning system is a gentle swirl abrasive cleaning system that quickly removes materials such as carbon sulphation, brittle paints, limescale and more. The Jos/Torc cleaning system uses minimal water with a fine inert granulate and air to clean stone and masonry surfaces.

Vortech Cleaning System

Vortech Cleaning System

The Vortech cleaning system uses a gentle swirl abrasive system. The swirl abrasive system when combined with low pressure and a carefully selected abrasive gently cleans material from stone.

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