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Vortech Cleaning System

Vortech Cleaning System

Super Heated Steam Cleaning System

VorTech is a specialist swirling abrasive cleaning system based on the JOS technology originally developed in Germany in the 1980's. Swirl abrasive cleaning can utilise lower operating pressures and softer, finer abrasives than other cleaning technology - making it perfect for conservational stone cleaning projects.

A specialist abrasive is carried using compressed air and then mixed with water and then spun into a vortex which is directed at the area which is intended to be cleaned.
VorTech is lightweight and highly mobile, environmentally friendly and designed to be perfect for the heritage and restoration industry, although it can also be used for other purposes.
The VorTech cleaning system has many dials that allow us to finely and predictably adjust

The VorTech cleaning system comprises of four parts - an air cooler, pressure pot, water pump and hose set.

Vortech Cleaning Before and After

VorTech Hose

With a standard hose size of 20 meters, and extensions for more unusual buildings, VorTech systems are able to provide the range needed to clean all sorts of architecture and stonework. Whilst long the hoses are also easy to transport and have an instantaneous start-up - allowing us to get in and start work with no delay.

VorTech Air Powered Water Pump

No special water source is needed as the VorTech system can be fed from a standard hosepipe or a static water source. The water pump combines with the air and abrasive mixture to minimise the amount of dust produced during operation. Water is used during cleaning to flush surface pores and afterwards to rinse the cleaned area of debris.

VorTech Air Cooler

Incoming air from the compressor is cooled and dehumidified by the air cooler system of the Vortech.

VorTech is the ideal system for cleaning natural stone such as bathstone, limestone and sandstone. Tried and tested by expert stonemasons VorTech has been used to clean historic castles such as the Tower of London.

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