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With over 20 years of experience cleaning and restoring historic and ornate stonework in the whole of the London area - SMB Restoration is uniquely positioned to offer the highest level of service to our customers.

Our varied range of stone cleaning methods and technologies are designed to remove dirt, grime, algae, moss and staining from air pollution without causing any damage to the stonework below. We can clean and restore stone, marble, limestone, granite, brick, concrete and most other masonry surface materials.

What are the benefits of stone cleaning?

Not only does restoring and cleaning your buildings stonework make it more attractive and appealing but it can also extend the lifetime of the stonework. Moss and grime can be acidic and start breaking down the stone as well as seeping moisture into the stone which can lead to it cracking if it freezes in winter.

If you're looking for stone cleaning services in London, look so further than SMB Restoration.

Stone Cleaning Company East London

We can transform your buildings stonework from drab and dirty to clean and new and can work with historic listed buildings, war memorials, churches and cathedrals and most other stone structures and buildings.

As a specialist historic stone cleaning company, we understand that attention to detail is key in our industry. We're incredibly careful to listen to any detailed requirements you provide and utilise modern and sympathetic methods and technologies to carry out our restoration work.
Over our years of trading, we've been entrusted with the stone conversation of many iconic buildings, public houses, banks, stately homes, listed churches, monuments and famous landmarks all over London and the UK.

Our technique is a mixture of learning from the centuries of stone restoration heritage and utilising the latest technology in order to deliver the very highest level of care. Should you require stone, masonry, brick, concrete cleaning or restoration services, we're here to help.

Stone Cleaning Company East London

East London Stone Cleaning

How do we clean stone buildings?

We vary our techniques depending on the type of material, age and style of your stone or masonry work. We utilise DOFF, JOS/Torc, Thermatech and Vortech steam and abrasive cleaning solutions to offer the highest level of cleaning with the absolute minimal effect to the underlying stonework. We can also fine-tune the mixture of abrasive, temperature and pressure of these cleaning systems so they remove the layer of dirt without damaging or soaking the substrate below.

It's tempting to clean your stone yourself or hire a general cleaner to do the job but if you are wanting to clean historic stone or older masonry it's important to hire a specialist who understands the nuance of different types and ages of stone. Using the incorrect method to clean stone can result in further wear and irreparable damage.

Stone Cleaning Specialists in London

We operate all over the London area and have worked with clients from many different sectors, including museums, offices, churches, cathedrals and memorials.

Doff Steam Cleaning

Doff Steam Cleaning System

Doff steam cleaning, a super heated steam cleaning system that reaches temperatures of up to 150˚C and removes all substrate without leaving any damage to the surface that is being cleaned.

Jos/Torc Cleaning

Jos/Torc Cleaning System

Jos/Torc cleaning, a gentle swirl abrasive system that effectively removes substrate from any surface without causing any damage to the masonry.

Thermatech Cleaning System

Thermatech Cleaning System

Thermatech cleaning system, a super heated steam cleaning system that uses creates steam to temperatures up to 150˚C to to remove dirt, grime and pollution from the brick work.

Vortech Cleaning System

Vortech Cleaning System

The Vortech cleaning system is a gentle swirl abrasive system. Combined with low pressure and a carefully selected abrasive, the Vortech can effectively cleans substrate from the desired surface.

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