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SMB Restoration is a full-service stone, brick and masonry cleaning and restoration contractor operating across all of London. If you're looking for stone cleaning in London, we are the safe and reliable choice.

With over 20 years experience with a wide range of cleaning technologies and methodologies, we've developed an in-depth knowledge of safely and sympathetically cleaning ornate historical stonework.

If you're looking for stone cleaning services in London, look so further than SMB Restoration.

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When cleaning old stonework, you don't get any second chances. Don't be tempted to blast stonework yourself with a generic pressure washer as you may do irreversible damage to your building. General cleaners also do not have the specialisation to deal with delicate historic stonework, masonry and even brickwork and may use overzealous cleaning practises or harsh chemicals to attempt to clean delicate facades.

You shouldn't be scared to clean your stonework at all though, in fact leaving wet acidic moss and grime to eat away at the substrate can do its own type of damage to your building. We specialise in sympathetic cleaning solutions - gently cleaning and preserving historic stonework for decades more enjoyment.

We work closely with facility managers across London to clean and restore the ornate stonework that makes our capital city such a beautiful and historic place. We can remove dirt, grime, air pollution, staining, moss, algae, graffiti and old paint and leave your stone, brick or masonry looking fresh and untouched.

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What kind of stone can we clean?

Whilst it's not something you've probably given a lot of thought to; cleaning stonework is a surprisingly in-depth process.

Our specialist technologies, fine-tuning and methods honed by decades of experience allows us to clean and restore nearly any type of stonework, masonry or brickwork. We can restore marble, limestone, granite, brick, concrete and more.

Technologies like DOFF and Torc allow experienced technicians to vary the exact temperature, pressure and abrasion of our cleaning processes to match the type of material we are cleaning.
This fine-tuning of settings allows our cleaning to be exactly as gentle or powerful as required to remove as much dirt, carbon sulphate, paint, limescale or organic material as we can without damaging or wearing down the original building below.
You may think high cleaning temperatures may cause damage but in many circumstances the opposite is true. A superheated cleaning process ensures that water evaporates quickly from stone instead of being absorbed into it. The danger of absorbed water is that during cold weather it freezes, expands and causes cracking.

Doff Steam Cleaning

Doff Steam Cleaning System

Doff steam cleaning, a super heated steam cleaning system that reaches temperatures of up to 150˚C and removes all substrate without leaving any damage to the surface that is being cleaned.

Jos/Torc Cleaning

Jos/Torc Cleaning System

Jos/Torc cleaning, a gentle swirl abrasive system that effectively removes substrate from any surface without causing any damage to the masonry.

Thermatech Cleaning System

Thermatech Cleaning System

Thermatech cleaning system, a super heated steam cleaning system that uses creates steam to temperatures up to 150˚C to to remove dirt, grime and pollution from the brick work.

Vortech Cleaning System

Vortech Cleaning System

The Vortech cleaning system is a gentle swirl abrasive system. Combined with low pressure and a carefully selected abrasive, the Vortech can effectively cleans substrate from the desired surface.

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