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We have used the services of SMB Restoration over many years to carry out specialist cleaning works. Over this period they have demonstrated their expertise in a wide range of specialist cleaning techniques including stone and brick cleaning and paint removal from a wide range of surfaces to both internal and external facades.

They use state of the art cleaning equipment which are industry approved and apply the correct cleaning procedure on each individual contract giving the best possible results.

The management they provide ensure that their work is completed in the best sequence and completed within the programme required, regular updates on site progress are issued on weekly basis enabling us to ensure contracts are running smoothly without any issues not being addressed.

The staff SMB provide are helpful and resourceful overcoming any issues which arise on site, They present themselves in a very professional manner and are knowledgeable in all aspects of their specialist industry.

I would highly recommend SMB Restoration services for any cleaning project.

Chris Regan, Prelude Stone Ltd

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The Stone & Façade Cleaning Experts

SMB Restoration can provide a specialist cleaning service in all aspects of internal and external brick and stone cleaning, paint stripping and façade cleaning.

We specialise in historic building restoration, cleaning and restoring delicate stone or brickwork and removing dirt build-up without damaging the historic material beneath.

Extensive Experience

Our extensive experience over two generations gives us the in-depth knowledge of all aspects of stone cleaning and allows us to adapt to each unique project and offer the most suitable and sympathetic methods to achieve the desired results.

Our Stone Cleaning & Façade Cleaning Service

We provide a number of comprehensive services including stone cleaning in London, stone restoration in London, facade cleaning in London, brick cleaning in London, graffiti removal in London, paint removal in London, abrasive blast cleaning in London and dry ice blasting in London.

Highest Standards

Our long track record in the heritage and conservation sector is testament to our ability to carry out our works to the highest standard, which is carried through to our works in the commercial and construction sector. We work with facilities management across London to help maintain the appearance of their building.

Stone Cleaning Specialists

We specialise in all aspects of stone cleaning, providing our unique service to the interior and exterior of buildings in London. With many years of experience in the industry, we know the best processes to clean your stone building without causing any lasting damage to the underlying surface.

Stone Cleaning

Our expertise covers all façades, commercial buildings, historic sites as well as churches and monuments. For stone cleaning in London, our service starts from an initial site survey, we will provide our recommendations to remove the substrate from your building as well as a plan to maintain and preserve the appearance of your stone building.

Façade Cleaning

For facade cleaning in London, look no further than SMB Restoration Ltd. We utilise both traditional and modern processes to effectively clean the façade of your property.

Brick Cleaning

Working within domestic and commercial applications, our brick cleaning in London service is efficient and delivers on results. Using eco-friendly methods including steam based and swirl abrasive methods, we can clean your brick building leaving it looking as good as new.

Paint Removal

With our knowledge and experience we can encapsulate the removed paint within the chemical poultice ready for responsible disposal, ideal if there is lead content within the coatings. For paint removal in London, we can effectively complete paint removal from masonry.

Graffiti Removal

Our graffiti removal in London service, ensures minimal disruption to your business. It is completely self-contained allowing us to carry out any graffiti removal tasks out of hours including weekends.

Dry Ice Blasting

We provide a comprehensive dry ice blasting in London service which delicately removes smoke damage from fires, the build-up of deposits from machinery to the most tenacious heavy duty coatings such as paint, epoxy non-slip coatings and bitumen.

SMB Restoration Ltd

Throughout our duration as a stone and façade cleaning company, we have developed a strong reputation for our professionalism and our ability to complete every task within budget, on-time and to the highest standards - meeting our clients requirements every time.

As members of the Stone Federation GB, we aim at setting the highest standards and promoting the very best practices, processes and professionalism within every job we undertake.

For further information, contact our team today who will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

The Stone Cleaning Experts

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